Proxmox / OpenVZ Container / Ubuntu 12.04 / Debian 6 / Mail Gateway / Anti-spam Firewall ( Scrollout F1)

An email Gateway is placed before a primary email server to filter and process received emails. The email gateway adds a level of redundancy to the primary email server, If the primary email server is offline, the email gateway will hold emails and transfer them when the primary email server comes online.

Domain DNS Configuration

{internet}—|DNS MX Record|—>(email gateway)—>[primary mail server]

Email Gateway Hostname:
Primary Mail Server Hostname:

Domain MX records:
MX Level (Priority) | Domain

Using that web page you can configure scrollout as SMTP inbound gateway:
Input a hostname: hostexample.
Input your domain(s):
input your real email server that stores the emails for []
make sure you have an MX record in the DNS like: pointing to the Debian server where scrollout is installed.

Prepare the node

the entire guide will need to be done as the root user.
login as root

Remove useless packages from the system to create a minimal install

Remove /etc/sasldb2? Yes

Add the multiverse repositories


Install Utilities

Optimize Kernel
Tuning Sysctl Paramaters

Set the default shell to bash

Use dash as the default system shell (/bin/sh)? No

Scrollout F1

install ISPConfig

Do you wish to continue? 1) Yes

Login and Configure

NOTE: On OpenVZ systems do not reconfigure the ip address / networking from the web admin interface.

Default username: Admin
Default password: 123456

** For Future Reference: Uninstalling **

Server Security

Please view the following guide: Scrollout F1 email gateway Server Security ( post-installation ) ( fail2ban )

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