Debian / Ubuntu / Proxmox : ext3 / ext4 deleted file recovery ( ext4magic )

So you have deleted an important file or an entire directory of files and you need it… well this guide will guide you to recovering your deleted files on a ext3 / ext4 partition.

Note: You will need a second partition or mount point to store the recovered files.

Mount point with the deleted files needs to be mounted as read-only.

Prepare the system

Install ext4magic

Download the source
From: save it to /tmp


Ubuntu DataRecovery
Ext4magic Documentation

Sample Usage

Finding Deleted Files with debugfs

Use the command ls -d to display deleted files and directories.
Use the command cd to navigate into directories
Use the command quit to exit

Restore a directory

ext4magic -r-f -d

Restore a single file

ext4magic -r-f -d

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