Automated MySQL Backups with innobackupex ( Percona Xtrabackup )

Install the latest xtrabackup

The main advantage of using xtrabackup to synchronize the nodes, is that the Donor is writeable during the synchronization process.
add the repository

Import the GP key

Install Xtrabackup and Percona-toolkit
Note: install netcat-openbsd fixes the error: nc: invalid option — ‘d’

install innobackupex scripts

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  1. nisutam
    nisutam says:

    Hi, how to use the script to restore the database? Will you write some examples? Writes me an error: unknown type backup

  2. minhhan
    minhhan says: Run perfectly!

    How can i Restore all my database with Script  

    Inside have a comment

    # Script to prepare and restore full and incremental backups created with innobackupex-runner.

    so ?

    when i run
    [root@localhost bin]# sh /home/backupu1/
    : command not line 16:
    : command not line 25:
    : command not line 28:
    ‘home/backupu1/ line 32: syntax error near unexpected token {
    'home/backupu1/ line 32:
    usage() {

    Thanks you,


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