Enabling Apache Solr 4.10 ( using jetty ) with Dovecot 2.1 for fulltext search results on Centos 6 (iredmail compatible)

For iRedmail 0.8.7 users only! Add_new_LDAP_values_for_existing_mail_users

Install JDK and curl-devel

Download Solr

Download Apache solar and install under /opt/

Secure Solr to only listen on localhost

Configure solr with Dovecot support

Configure Solr as a service

Start at boot

Configure Dovecot with solr support

Restart Solr and Dovecot

Force a full re-index
add -q to run the process in the background, ideal for production usage

Solr cron optimisations

Optional: monit config

Admin Url

**use ssh to port forward 8983.

Test Solr

1 login email@domain.com password
1 select Inbox
2 SEARCH text “test”
3 SEARCH text “test”
4 SEARCH text “testy”
5 logout

2 OK Search completed (470.810 secs).
3 OK Search completed (0.001 secs).
4 OK Search completed (0.001 secs).
5 OK Logout completed.

Advanced Indexing

Re-index mailbox
If you require to force dovecot to reindex a whole mailbox you can run the
command shown, this will only take action when a search is done and will apply
to the whole mailbox.

doveadm fts rescan -u

If you want to index a single mailbox/all mailboxes you can run the command
shown, this will happen immediately and will blocking until action is

doveadm index [-u |-A] [-S ] [-q] [-n ]

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