Extended SMTP ( ESMTP ) codes ( email error codes )

Temporary problem when sending the email, email server will try to re-send the email until it reaches retry timeout.

Permanent or Fatal error. Usually caused by a non existent email address, DNS problem, or your email was blocked by the receiving server.

2.0.0 Successfully sent the email;

x.1.x Codes
X.1.0 – Other address status
X.1.1 – Bad destination mailbox address
X.1.2 – Bad destination system address
X.1.3 – Bad destination mailbox address syntax
X.1.4 – Destination mailbox address ambiguous
X.1.5 – Destination mailbox address valid
X.1.6 – Mailbox has moved
X.1.7 – Bad sender’s mailbox address syntax
X.1.8 – Bad sender’s system address

x.2.x Codes
X.2.0 – Other or undefined mailbox status
X.2.1 – Mailbox disabled, not accepting messages
X.2.2 – Mailbox full
X.2.3 – Message length exceeds administrative limit
X.2.4 – Mailing list expansion issue

x.3.x Codes
X.3.0 – Other or undefined mail system status
X.3.1 – Mail system full
X.3.2 – System not accepting network messages
X.3.3 – System not capable of selected features
X.3.4 – Message too big for system
X.3.5 – System incorrectly configured

x.4.x Codes
X.4.0 – Other or undefined network or routing status
X.4.1 – No answer from host
X.4.2 – Bad connection
X.4.3 – Routing server failure
X.4.4 – Unable to route
X.4.5 – Network congestion
X.4.6 – Routing loop detected
X.4.7 – Delivery time expired

x.5.x Codes
X.5.0 – Other or undefined protocol status
X.5.1 – Invalid command
X.5.2 – Syntax error
X.5.3 – Too many recipients
X.5.4 – Invalid command arguments
X.5.5 – Wrong protocol version

x.6.x Codes
X.6.0 – Other or undefined media error
X.6.1 – Media not supported
X.6.2 – Conversion required and prohibited
X.6.3 – Conversion required but not supported
X.6.4 – Conversion with loss performed
X.6.5 – Conversion failed

x.7.x Codes
X.7.0 – Other or undefined security status
X.7.1 – Delivery not authorized, message refused
X.7.2 – Mailing list expansion prohibited
X.7.3 – Security conversion required but not possible
X.7.4 – Security features not supported
X.7.5 – Cryptographic failure
X.7.6 – Cryptographic algorithm not supported
X.7.7 – Message integrity failure

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